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New Born & Kids, Photography

New Born & Kids Photography

Kids are lovely, their smiles are too angelic to behold. Looking at their adorable faces in pictures will make drop...

Group Photography, Photography

Group Photography

We help you plan, capture and preserve memorable events with family, friends, colleagues… we know how to do this, and...

Creative Photography, Photography

Creative Shots and Abstract Photography

We love taking photographs, whatever we see… it’s fun capturing life’s beauties in still images. We know they appeal to...

Food Photography, Photography

Creative Food Photography

When we say creative food photography we mean those beautiful food exploits, cuisine, dishes, coffee, deserts, and and even snacks

Pets Photography, Photography

Pets Photography

Pets are lovely. We help you cherish them more with beautiful shots taken as they pose. Yes they pose too!

Photography, Potrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is our business. Keep in mind, events of life that you’ll want to forever. Choose a professional photographer...

Photography, Product Photography

Products Photography

A product image is as powerful as any other selling point. We capture your products to sell.

Photography, Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

We are wedding photographers.  We preserve your romantic moments in images because they are special. Choose a professional photographer like...

Creative Photography, Food Photography, Pets Photography, Potrait Photography, Product Photography, Wedding Photography


We love taking photos because we know the importance of images. Essence of Images is not just a name but...

Date: March 11, 2016
Location: Miami, USA
Technology: Canon ESO
Graphic Design, Photography

Fine Arts & Graphics

We offer various graphics design services, ranging from logo design and company branding, to illustrations, photograph airbrushing. We’ve got you...

Client: Misty Flora Cosmetics
Date: March 10, 2016
Location: Rome, Italy
Technology: Canon D60, CSS